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Texas RR commission looks at helping to curb flaring : . #FlaretoFuels

Thank you to the panelists on our Power-to-X session in San Francisco: #Total, #APVentures, #Thyseenkrupp, #Mitsubishi, and #MorganStanley. A great discussion on the future of converting renewable power (and carbon dioxide) into fuels, chemicals, clean products.

WSJ - " Oil Producers Are Setting Billions of Dollars on Fire" US Flaring Volumes continue to grow, huge environmental issue and massive lost revenue

Greyrock's Carbon Recycling Solutions technology is combating growing levels of CO2 emissions by converting CO2, renewable power, and water into 'zero carbon' drop in fuels. #carboncapture #carbonreuse

#Hydrogen could meet 18% of the world’s energy demand and abate 6 gigatons of CO2 annually. Now international multilateral cooperation and partnerships are needed to further scale the hydrogen economy. #HydrogenNow

CO2 + Water + Renewable Power = Zero Carbon Liquid Fuels. Greyrock’s Carbon Recycling Solutions platform.

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