Greyrock Energy Announces Addition of Executive Staff

Sacramento, CA – Greyrock Energy, Inc., a company Transforming Natural Gas™ into premium transportation fuels, announced the addition of two new executive staff members.

Mr. George Couvaras will serve as Greyrock’s Director of International Projects.  Mr. Couvaras is a chemical engineer by training and has spent his career in the petrochemical industry, in particular within the Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) sector. He has served in executive roles at Sasol – including CEO of Sasol-Chevron [London], Executive Vice President of US Mega Projects, Vice President of Technology, President of Gas-to-Liquids Business Development [Canada], and Country President for Sasol [Qatar].  Mr. Couvaras is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in Gas-to-Liquids. 

Mr. Glenn McGinnis will serve as Greyrock’s Vice President of Engineering. Mr. McGinnis is a chemical engineer with over 35 years of refining experience. He previously held senior positions with Aux Sable Liquid Products, El Paso Corporation, Imperial Oil Limited, Exxon International, Orion Refining Corporation and TransAmerican Refining Corporation. 

“Both George and Glenn are recognized industry leaders and bring strong technical and business development expertise to Greyrock.  They will be valuable in helping Greyrock during its current growth phase in 2017 and beyond.” said Robert Schuetzle, Greyrock’s CEO.

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About Greyrock Energy

Founded in 2006, Greyrock has developed its state of the art Direct Fuel Production™ technology and GreyCat™ catalyst, enabling production of clean liquid fuels from a variety of gas resources, including natural gas, natural gas liquids, flare gas and bio-gas. Greyrock systems enable customers to solve key environmental and energy challenges.