San Francisco, February 3, 2020

Greyrock Energy hosted a panel at last week’s Cleantech Conference in San Francisco discussing Power-to-X technologies and commercialization.  The panel brought together thought leaders in the energy sector from Total, Mitsubishi, Morgan Stanley, AP Ventures, and Thyssenkrup. 

Power-to-X describes the use of power, primarily renewable, for production of fuels, chemicals or other products. Panelists discussed the use of renewable power to meet new demand drivers for low carbon products, the importance of ESG in investment decisions, challenges and opportunities in infrastructure and scale, commercial financing mechanisms and credit programs, advancements and cost reduction in electrolysis technology, and new R&D in this field.

The panelists predicted advancements in technology, cost reductions across key elements of the value chain, and a growing interest in Power-to-X during the coming year.

Greyrock is commercializing its Carbon Recycling Solutions Power-to-X platform by developing projects that focus on the use of stranded or otherwise low-cost renewable power and industrial waste carbon dioxide as feedstocks for the production of fuels and chemicals.

Initial projects will be sited to solve logistical challenges experienced by renewable power generators, such as transmission constraints, while also addressing carbon dioxide emission challenges.