GS1000 system

Greyrock Systems

Greyrock has quietly been leading the way in the development of a new approach to converting gas into clean liquid fuels. Greyrock’s core innovation is our proprietary catalyst, GreyCat™ which is used in our Direct Fuel Production™ (DFP) systems.   Greyrock’s innovations significantly reduce the complexity and costs associated with traditional natural-gas-to-liquids processes by bypassing the intermediate hydrocarbon wax that normally needs to be refined into finished products. Even many of the emerging and existing small-scale gas-to-liquids approaches feature this wax stage or produce other intermediate products that have to be further refined before reaching the end customer.

To develop this proprietary catalyst and system design Greyrock applied lessons learned from its industry experience in polymer chemistry to identify the mix of chemistry and engineering design required to achieve this “direct-to-diesel” solution. The catalyst is deployed via Greyrock’s proprietary Direct Fuel Production™ (DFP) system, a fully integrated package that converts natural gas, flare gas, natural gas liquids or other gas resources into premium diesel and other transportation fuels.