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Greyrock Fuels

All transportation fuels are not created equally. Greyrock’s diesel fuel is a premium product that features high cetane, no sulfur and good lubricity. Greyrock’s fuels are not bio-diesel, but are true hydrocarbon diesel fuels that directly replace petroleum-based fuels. Unlike products coming from Fischer-Tropsch based technologies, our diesel fuels do not require further refining and upgrading.

Our fuels do not cause engine performance or durability issues and can be blended with traditional diesel fuels to boost cetane, lower overall sulfur and increase lubricity. Greyrock’s DFP™ systems can also produce a reformulated gasoline blendstock which may be used to bring gasoline-based fuels into compliance with newer, more stringent environmental regulations. When blended with petroleum based fuels, Greyrock fuels reduce engine emissions including nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter emissions.

Extensive testing of our fuels have been carried out by 3rd party labs, including engine dynamometer testing on heavy duty diesel engines.