adaptive control system

S-Class and L-Class Systems

Greyrock’s Direct Fuel Production or DFP™ systems convert natural gas or other gas feedstocks into transportation grade diesel fuel. While the process is designed for simplicity, to eliminate expensive processing, it is the result of many years of engineering design and refinement. Our S-Class and L-Class DFP systems are designed to reduce capital costs, allow for repeatable deployment and seamless integration with existing midstream or upstream infrastructure. Flexible and adaptable, the systems also accommodate the specific requirements dictated by location, plant capacity, feed gas availability and power requirements.

Greyrock systems accept a variety of feedstocks, including natural gas, natural gas liquids (ethane, propane, butane), associated or waste gas. And Greyrock is continuing to lead through innovation and is developing additional catalysts that convert natural gas feedstocks into other high value products such as fuel additives and specialty chemicals.

In order to continue process innovations, Greyrock utilizes a variety of test equipment including a commercial demonstration facility in Toledo, Ohio.  Key innovations include catalytic reactor technologies for efficient heat control and simplified operation, unique product separation approaches, and control system optimization using Greyrock’s Adaptive Control System (ACS).

Greyrock’s ACS is a software solution that integrates unit operations to optimize fuel output and operator profitability. The automated system monitors key parameters, adjusts operating conditions, enables remote monitoring of plants and alerts operators when preventative maintenance may be required.