The Oil and Gas landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade, especially in North America. The technology-driven shale boom has transformed not only the prices of these commodities and their derivatives but has also challenged the logistics of connecting new resources with customers.

While many of these challenges are being met in traditional ways through additional transport and processing infrastructure, this new production landscape is fragmented and, in many cases, cannot support the capital costs and time requirements associated with more traditional infrastructure additions (such as natural gas pipelines and gas processing plants).

Increased oil and gas production has also accelerated routine gas flaring, a major environmental issue and waste of  resources. Natural gas is flared when during oil production associated gas is produced from the reservoir together with the oil.   Due to unavailability of pipelines or other economical methods of utilization of the gas, this associated gas may be flared.   Flaring of gas produces CO2, NOx, black carbon, and other pollutants.   Improperly operated flares can also vent substantial amounts of methane, a strong greenhouse gas.

Greyrock’s Direct Fuel Production™ platform enables value creation by transforming flare gas, bio-gas, natural gas or natural gas liquids into premium diesel fuel that can be used locally or can be easily transported to market.