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#Hydrogen could meet 18% of the world’s energy demand and abate 6 gigatons of CO2 annually. Now international multilateral cooperation and partnerships are needed to further scale the hydrogen economy. #HydrogenNow

CO2 + Water + Renewable Power = Zero Carbon Liquid Fuels. Greyrock’s Carbon Recycling Solutions platform.

CO2 can become a valuable commodity instead of a liability

Greyrock congratulates investor AP Ventures on adding Plastic Omnium as its fifth Limited Partner. Plastic Omnium joins existing LPs Anglo American, South African PIC, Mitsubishi, and the Mirai Creation Fund (backed by Toyota)

Thanks to Greyrock investor hashtag#APVentures ( for hosting a great annual event for investors and portfolio companies at Keble College, Oxford. Excellent discussions on the future of energy, fuels, mobility and other important topics.

Natural Gas prices go negative in the Permian again -

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