diesel truck

Greyrock Customers

Greyrock’s DFP™ systems enable customers to convert low-value natural gas to high value, vehicle-ready diesel fuels across a wide range of scales and geographies.

Greyrock solutions can be deployed through either turnkey equipment sales or customized licensing arrangements. The Greyrock team works with our customer’s development teams through all aspects of the development process, ranging from permitting and environmental assessment, to technology installation and commissioning.

Greyrock has developed engineering packages for a number of our customers based on various feed gases, plant sizes, and other unique attributes. Greyrock’s combination of technical expertise and on the ground operations experience enables the Greyrock team to better evaluate and design realistic engineering solutions. Greyrock also works with several key technology partners such as large, established syngas technology providers, equipment manufacturers, fabrication companies, and fuel off-take partners, to facilitate the efficient deployment and integration of its DFP™ platform.