Greyrock is committed to solving key environmental and energy challenges through application of its innovative technical solutions.

For many decades to come, the world will continue to rely on liquid fuels (gasoline and diesel) for transportation. Producing clean burning, premium fuels from waste and alternative feedstocks will be key to meeting the world’s increasing energy needs in an environmentally friendly manner.

Greyrock’s industry leading Direct Fuel Production™ systems produce premium, clean burning liquid fuels from alternative and waste resources including flare gas, natural gas, carbon dioxide, and other materials.

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Greyrock History

  • 2006 to 2007
    <span>2006</span> to <span>2007</span>

    Greyrock develops GreyCat™ catalyst that enables elimination of wax refining – a major unit operation required in GTL.

  • 2008 to 2010
    <span>2008</span> to <span>2010</span>

    First pilot plant operations, focusing on reactor design, controls, and systems integration using GreyCat™ catalyst.

  • 2011 to 2015
    <span>2011</span> to <span>2015</span>

    Greyrock builds and operates the largest commercial demonstration unit of its kind in North America.

  • 2016 –
    <span>2016 – </span>

    Greyrock and partners initiate commercial plant development.

Greyrock Capabilities

  • Project Equity <br/>Ownership

    Project Equity

  • Technology <br/>Licensing


  • Equipment Sales, Engineering, <br/>Construction and Operations

    Equipment Sales, Engineering,
    Construction and Operations

Greyrock Energy Board of Directors

  • Robert Schuetzle

    Robert Schuetzle

    • Co-founder of Greyrock Energy
    • Chief Executive Officer of Greyrock Energy
    • Previously founded and sold high technology companies
    • Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan
  • Dr. Dennis Schuetzle

    Dr. Dennis Schuetzle

    • Co-founder of Greyrock Energy
    • Chief Technology and Science Officer of Greyrock Energy
    • Head of R&D international for Ford Motor Company
    • PhDs in engineering and chemistry
    • Extensive work in China at Ford Motor Company
  • Dr. Charles Williamson

    Dr. Charles Williamson

    • Chairman and CEO Unocal, acquired by Chevron in for $18 billion US
    • Lead Director PACCAR
    • Lead Director, Former Chairman Weyerhaeuser
    • Chairman of Talisman Energy for six years until their acquisition by Repsol in 2016 for $13 billion US
  • Andrew Hinkly

    Andrew Hinkly

    • Managing Partner at AP Ventures
    • Former Executive head Anglo American Platinum Marketing
    • Previously 20 years at Ford Motor Company
    • Extensive global experience in finance, purchasing, strategy and new market development
  • Pat Bolin

    Pat Bolin

    • Executive chairman of Eagle Oil & Gas Co., co-founded the company in 1976
    • Principal in Sterling Private Capital
    • He is also an active member of the Dallas Wildcat Committee, where he has served as chairman, as well as other various leadership roles.