shale rock

About Us

Greyrock is transforming natural gas and changing the way the world produces transportation fuels.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Sacramento, California our groundbreaking dGTL™ process converts natural gas or natural gas liquids into pump-ready transportation fuels and environmentally beneficial blendstocks.

Taking its name from the grey shale formations currently transforming the energy industry, Greyrock is committed to building strong, respectful relationships with partners and within its operating communities, and delivers its expertise through three subsidiaries:

• Greyrock Technology: GreyCat™ catalyst and dGTL™ technology development and licensing
• Greyrock Services: Modular plant fabrication and deployment
• Greyrock Equity Partners: Project development and joint ventures

Greyrock has built relationships with industry veterans including natural gas producers and midstream companies, project developers, syngas conversion providers, equipment manufacturers, fabrication companies, and fuel off-take partners, to facilitate the efficient deployment of its dGTL™ platform.